This blog post is about a man named George and his inspiring tale. Enjoy!

The sun is setting on the ocean, painting the skies with different shades of pink, purple and orange—absolutely breathtaking. As the stars start to shine, George DeChambeau and his wife Sara are ready for a good nights sleep on their sailboat, even though that wish wasn’t in their future.

Sleepless nights were common for the two sailors, who were always trying to stay alert of their surroundings. The fear of their anchor dragging or a collapsing spinnaker constantly filled their minds and as George stated, “The need for environmental vigilance is somewhat proportional to the distance from home port. The further away, the more unfamiliar the territory.” With heightened senses and a keen eye for danger, something was in dire need to fix the sailors troubles.

George explained these troubles to close friend Durval Tavares during a dinner in Newport one night. Ideas sparked and thoughts raced at the table as Aquabotix began to slowly take shape into the innovative company it is today. From George and Sara’s perspective, “It would be wise for any sailor, contemplating new horizons, to take advantage of Aquabotix’s technology and the products it provides.”

Happy Wednesday, everyone!