Here is an exciting story from one of our recent customers, Bob. He emailed our president, Durval Tavares, telling of his experience with the AquaLens. Read on and enjoy!
Hi Durval,  We lost one of our AUVs yesterday while doing software testing.  It had an acoustic pinger on it and we quickly localized it in about 10 feet of water.  We’ve occasionally had luck dragging the AUVs from our dinghy, but could not get this one after a few hours of poking around the location. 

So, this morning I purchased an AquaLens, taped it to a paint pole (see below) and went out again to the localized position. We found the AUV using the camera, hooked it with the paint pole and pulled it to the surface.  That’s an expensive fish at our cost.  The AquaLens is a clever concept and worked perfectly for our application.

Good luck with the business,

The AquaLens attached to Bob’s paint pole!