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We wanted to share with you a customer of ours who has rigged up an AquaLens to mount onto their own camera housing! Amazing, isn’t it?

Jon, who went to the San Juan Islands, stated that he, “composed some kelp images much more effectively than I would have if I had done it without the AquaLens.”  His underwater photography skills will be taking him to Alaska where he plans on capturing orca whales and other underwater creatures.

We will be sure to share any other images Jon takes with the AquaLens, so keep an eye out for them.

Please, send in videos or images from your AquaLens or HydroView so they can be featured on our blog!

Have a great day, everyone.


We had a great turnout at the In-NOW-vation awards that took place last night in Cambridge, Mass.

Here at the table is Becky Pacheco (left) and Ashley Martelli (right) showcasing the remote controlled underwater vehicle, the HydroView.

Becky and Ashley gave a re-cap of their experience stating, “The turnout was great and the traffic was excellent. It was a beneficial opportunity to get our products more known in such a tech-savvy atmosphere like the show.  We’re used to showcasing at large international boat shows,  so to be in a room with 30 or so other innovative technology companies who gave us positive feedback was well worth attending. We didn’t take home the award for “Coolest. Company. EVAH.” but we did get to spend the night with some amazing companies and friendly people.”

Thanks MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge!

Have a great weekend, everyone!




Some people want to discover something, whether its a piece of history, an artifact or even land–untouched.

In the waters of Costa Rica, two scientists went to Cocos Island and dived in the most shark abundant waters while exploring the unknown Gemelas Seamounts in search of data for new scientific baselines for the environments down below.

Hopefully, their exploration will lead to new discoveries.

So get out there and discover something!  I couldn’t think of a better way to do it then with a HydroView!

Enjoy, everyone.

Our live underwater viewing system, the AquaLens, has been reviewed by the editor/publisher of!

His detailed article can be read here as you discover his experience of using the AquaLens.

Also, clear your calendars this Thursday, because the HydroView will be making an appearance at the In-NOW-vation Showcase and Celebration 2012, presented by The MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge. It runs from 6-9pm and is located at One Memorial Drive in Cambridge, MA 02139 at the Microsoft NERD Center, First Floor.

Check out the website here to learn more about the event and the other companies that will be competing for the titles of:

  • Company I Want to Have a Beer With
  • Coolest. Company. EVAH.
  • Most Likely to be Acquired by Dr Evil in his plan for World Domination
  • Most Likely to Develop a Cult Following

Interesting awards, therefore stay tuned to see if Aquabotix has taken a title!!!

Have a great day, everyone and we look forward to seeing you in Cambridge!

Imagine yourself on a boat, anchored in the middle of the ocean. The sun is shinning bright as it’s contrasted against the blue sky. You drop your HydroView into the water to explore the deep and you just can’t wait to drive it!

The live video feed on your iPad is exciting to watch as you dart around the underwater world to suddenly come across these creatures!!!!! Good thing you can take photos and videos to share with friends and family or else they might not believe you!

How amazing is it when new creatures are discovered that we never thought could exist? On second thought, it’s kind of scary!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Are you a fan of fish, lobsters or even crab? How much do you think you know about seafood production and sustainability?

Here’s your chance to test your knowledge! Take this quiz from National Geographic to find out more about the types of food you may or may not eat.

While you’re on there, test your brain even more about ocean pollution and overfishing.

Enjoy and good luck with those quizzes!




As you may know, Aquabotix is dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations that help protect our bodies of water. Proceeds from each purchase of the HydroView will be donated to causes trying to make the environment a better place.

Our social responsibility is geared towards preserving marine life and encouraging education to learn more about the underwater world, therefore for every 100 HydroView’s sold, one is being donated to a deserving school.

In this article from National Geographic they bring to light the 10 things you can do to save the ocean. Read up and learn how you can help!

For other great ways that you can make a difference, please visit The Nature Conservancy or




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