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  • There are 50 to 70 confirmed shark attacks around the world every year, with five to 15 fatalities globally every year
  • The U.S. averages around 16 shark attacks each year and around one shark attack fatality every two years
  • The main population area of the great white shark is the coastal strip between Baja California and Hawaii
  • Great white sharks are also drawn to the seal populations of the Cape Cod area
  • The last human death from a shark attack in Massachusetts was in 1936

In the last year there have been more than 35 sightings of great white sharks off Cape Cod

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Have a great weekend, everyone and be on the lookout when you go swimming! Cue music!


Check out this latest article from! It features the HydroView Sport!!!!

Author Eric Rogell explains the unit’s ease of use, as well as its on-board LED lights and fact that you can share your findings with friends.

Hopefully, the coverage keeps rolling in!






Some of the team went down to the river yesterday to see what they could capture with the HydroView Sport! Take a look!

The HydroView’s HD camera can manually or automatically focus to stream the sharpest images of the underwater world! If these images are this clear…just imagine the Caribbean!

Ocean of Garbage
Created by:

June 11th started the 16th expedition of NASA’s program titled NEEMO or “NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations” program. The crew are living 62 feet under the water while performing tasks to research a potential manned mission to a near-Earth asteroid.

This photo, taken from MSNBC, shows the crew performing tasks in the name of research.

Their outlook is to be prepared and to save money before entering space and tacking a massive asteroid without the proper training or resources.

Scientist Squyres has even been cruising around the sea floor on a mini sub for faster travel!

Kinks to figure out include proper communication, crew size and ways to attach to the asteroid.

Have a great day, everyone!



You just found out about our underwater vehicle, the HydroView Sport, and you’re interested  but can’t think of how you’d use it.  Here is a few detailed accounts of how the HydroView can make your life more entertaining or easier!!!

Study and explore marine life!
Drop in your vehicle and start taking images of sting rays, jellyfish or eels! Learn about their swimming patterns and environment. Keep a fish log with all your findings or create a blog geared specifically towards all the information you collect, weaving information along with the images you take.  Find spots where people are dumping trash and report it. Helping the ocean in any way you can is well worth the effort!

Perform underwater inspections!
Perform inspections under your boat that divers used to do for you in the past–for a costly fee. Check your anchor, hull, props, zinc plates or mooring. Make sure seaweed or trash aren’t stuck in your props. Find those hard to see areas that needs cleaning. Check that your anchor is properly set on the ocean floor to avoid swaying in the middle of the night. Stay safe on the water with the HydroView.

Discover sunken vessels and find buried treasure!
Take your HydroView on an amazing adventure. Scan the seabed in search of a sunken ship! Turn on your LED lights, when you find one, and look through the dark windows that used to be there. Record some video to show your friends that you weren’t making up the story. Search the perimeter too for Davy Jone’s heart or that watch you dropped overboard an hour ago…

Commercial fishing!
You’re a commercial fisherman who sets lobster traps and checks on them weekly. Hours go by before you finish pulling up the monstrous amount of traps, checking to see if you caught any. If you had a HydroView, you could check out each trap without having to pull up each one, saving you time to focus on other things. It’s a win-win!

What will you view?

It’s truly breathtaking the amount of coverage the HydroView Sport has received from the recent Press Release from May 29th announcing its availability!!!

Here are a few to check out!

Huffington Post
Oh Gizmo!
Charter World
PC World

Keep on the lookout as more keep pouring in everyday.



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