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South Coast Bulletin does an in-depth interview with Aquabotix CEO, Durval Tavares, detailing his exciting  journey from immigrating to the United States at the young age of 10 to today where he’s running his own underwater technology company. Durval speaks about his life-changing experiences that influenced every step towards starting his own company. To read more about his family, career, and passion for the sea click here.



From the guys at Aquabotix Europe, here are some images of the HydroView in action at Berlin’s Sealife Center in Germany. These centers make marine conservation aware to the public through education, action and awareness. Their themed journeys also provide an up-close look at marine life!

Check it out!

 Stay tuned for a personal account of this experience!

There’s an event coming up called the TEDxNewBedford in which speakers from around the nation will be touching upon “ideas worth spreading”.

Our president, Durval Tavares, will be one of those speakers on September 5th at the New Bedford, MA Whaling Museum.

Here’s the PR about the event and while you’re there, click on the “speakers” tab to read more about Durval and his presentation of Marine Ecosystems & Global Exploration! We hope to see you there!

Sailing the waters in Duxbury Bay, Boating Local’s Tom Richardson goes up close and personal with the HydroView!

Check out our interview with him and see the vehicle glide through 15 feet of water viewing sea grass, tautog and other sea creatures!

As stated in an earlier post, Gurnet Point and Bug Light were the two filming locations, which proved to be successful.

Also, read the article associated with the video to get a better description of our experience.  Enjoy!

A shipwreck was found off the coast of Italy that seems to be around 2,000 years old, states Updated News.

It all started when local fishermen kept finding pottery in their fishing nets so they decided to send out a dive team in hopes that something could explain the strange phenomenon!

Lo and behold, a Roman-era  commercial vessel discovered with more than 200 clay amphorae, which could still have wine, oil and grain contained within them!

Italy Roman-Era Ship Found Almost Intact

So, are you ready to get a HydroView and find your own vessel this summer?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Last week, Aquabotix ventured  down to Duxbury, Mass where we met up with Boating Local’s Tom Richardson to see what we could capture!

The waters were extremely clear as the vehicle coasted through the sea near Bug Light and Gurnet Point, catching glimpses of fish and seagrass.

Check out what we caught on video!

And stay tuned for our exciting interview from our visit!

Found on the National Geographic website, how would you like to live on the water?

Overpopulation, rising sea levels and a craving to become sustainable have all given these inventors creative and quite possible visions.

These “floating cities of the future” have  numerous ways to help the environment, including ways to recycle saltwater into fresh, an on-board reef that discharges fish food to help the marine population and even underwater turbines to power the city using deep sea currents.

A floating eco-city that looks like a cruise ship

Learn more about these islands of the future!





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