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This week, we were pleased to receive some great coverage in various news outlets. featured the AquaLens in a slideshow round up of gear for summer sailing. Included alongside an array of products ranging from boat shoes to sun burn treatments, kayaks and hammocks. The AquaLens is described as an ideal tool to check props, zincs, rudders or potential damage from sailing in the shallows. We couldn’t agree more, especially with the summer boating season ramping up. It’s time to get prepared for important safety checks and inspections on your boat.


We were also seen in Lifestyle for Men, this time showcasing the HydroView. It was described as a tool for capturing underwater memories while on vacation. The author of the article, James Massoud, also commented on the stunning HD quality photos, “Imagine if it were to swim past a Great White and you had footage to prove it! Now that certainly would be a special moment worth capturing and a holiday video everyone back home would surely want to see.”


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